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Turn your house into a smart home.

Once you have a reliable full fibre connection, with zero limits on your data and blisteringly fast internet speeds up to 10,000 Mbps. You can add so much more… 

 If you are still needing your fibre connection, don’t worry – our fibre providers are busy building networks around the country.  Check availability or register your interest now… 

Not just internet

Once you are connected to our smart internet you are instantly ready to use the latest technologies turning your house into a smart home. This enables you to access the latest in entertainment and security.

Smart Homes

Turn your house into a smart home to manage your heating, lighting and even doorbell using just your phone.


Our smart internet comes with the option to upgrade your bundle to include an exclusive TV player. 


By having fibre to your home, you’re sure to have a reliable service each day and night, that doesn’t struggle under the strain of demanding online tasks or the number of your neighbours online at the same time.


From the hottest new film to your favourite TV programme, everything can be more lifelike than ever with 3D audio that sends sound around and above you.


Two-way talk and motion-activated notifications. It installs in minutes, senses knocks and lets you see who’s at your door from anywhere. So you can spend less time worrying about home and more time enjoying your every day.


Personalised lighting, room by room, however you want your home to feel, whatever you’re doing.


Powerful and flexible surveillance systems providing intuitive motion detection and mobile device support for all round home security.


Sophisticated heating system that ensures you can create and individually control up to 12 heating zones and control your hot water.

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The smart choice for smart homes

All customers awaiting installation are free to switch to any of the new products to take advantage of the better value for money offered. This includes free standard installation, if your property meets the criteria.

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