How does it work?

We have a series of high powered wireless transmitters on masts in the area – these use a much higher powered form of wireless transmission (802.11N, running at 5Ghz) which has a range of around 20 miles – much further than a home ‘wifi’ network.

We install a two way aerial on your house – it’s a round dish about 20 cm across – and this gives you superfast broadband straight into your existing router. If you don’t have a suitable router already, we can supply one for you.

As well as having fantastic fast download (up to ~80Mbps is possible), the upload speed is also significantly faster (up to ~20Mbps) than conventional broadband. Latency (ping) is also very low, at <10 milliseconds, perfect for gaming, Skype and video conferencing.

The backbone of our entire network is fibre-optic cable, at speeds of up to 1Gb/second to our masts.

And because we don’t use your existing phone line, you don’t have to pay any line rental charges (usually around £18/month) on top of your broadband fees. Of course, we can also provide you with a Voice over Internet phone – we can even keep your old phone number!

If you’re interested but we’re not yet deployed in your community, then you can register your interest here, with no commitment – we just want to know where to provide our service first.

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