Working from Home – The problems and solutions

Working from home is great! No commute to the office, you can sit in a comfortable environment and you suffer less stress.

Many home workers have found the reality to be different. Endless Zoom or Teams calls, more emails to be responded to plus, the lack of the office infrastructure gives rise to a whole new set of problems — the worst being the shortcomings of a slow internet connection. In many cases your broadband is not an internet connection dedicated for your home working — but very often is shared with partners who are also working from home and kids who are home on holiday or home schooling.

Part of the problem is a slow broadband connection. Modern day living has maxed out the broadband speeds that most homes can receive. It is a problem now and is not likely to get better as everyones’ use of the internet increases. The total data consumed in the UK is doubling every year and during the first lockdown period, the amount of data consumed immediately jumped by 30%.

With the majority of the UK’s internet infrastructure creaking, the race is on to update it. A full fibre broadband connection is one of the cornerstone solutions to solve the immediate issue of connection speed and provide the solution that will cope with the ongoing huge increases in data.  A fast broadband speed offers more capacity at much higher speeds.

Any broadband service that is not capable of providing a 1Gbps service speed is not a full fibre service. A 1Gbps connection will give a twenty-fold increase in performance. A slower full fibre connection, of say 200 Mbps, should at least quadruple the speed that can be provided by a standard copper broadband connection.

Full fibre broadband services can also provide the same upload speed as download speeds — meaning the bottleneck created by a slow upload speed is removed so your Zoom calls are smooth and free flowing. In fact, with a full fibre connection, you can hold multiple zoom meetings at the same time if you wish!

The incoming speed is one part of the solution, but it is the basic starting point — without which nothing else will improve.

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Air Broadband is one of the new generation of ISPs (Internet Service Provider) who can offer a full fibre connection in the main towns and cities of East Anglia. We are not 100% there yet, for all areas in these towns and cities – no ISP is! Working with our network partners these networks are being quickly rolled out, with most locations completed by 2025.