We’re bringing full fibre broadband to Solihull

We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding to provide Gigabit internet to Solihull. Looking to support families and businesses in need of high speeds and stable connections, we’ll use CityFibre’s full fibre infrastructure to deliver top-quality broadband across the area.

With speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, Gigabit internet is the next revolution in home broadband. Families will now be able to simultaneously stream TV and film in crystal-clear 4K, hold seamless video conference calls while working from home, and enjoy competitive online gaming without any lag or latency. Compared to standard broadband packages, Gigabit internet offers an endless array of opportunities.

As we begin to recover from the pandemic, Solihull families and businesses are seeking stability. It’s our intention to deliver fast and stable internet connections to ensure that businesses have the certainty they need to grow and expand – all while boosting the local economy and levelling up their community.

Offering free standard installation and a competitively priced entry service – just £28 per month for an Air200 Mbps service – we will utilise CityFibre’s high-tech infrastructure to support Solihull residents. With the rise of home working, the line between home life and work life is becoming increasingly blurred; our Gigabit service is intended to help residents navigate the challenges of the future with ease.

Gordon Sadler, our Sales and Marketing Manager, said that “Full fibre services are the future of internet connection, so Air Broadband are honoured to be able to provide our services to homes in Solihull. We hope customers will see that Air is an internet provider set for the future, with customer service set at a level to match our speeds.”

And CityFibre’s City Manager, Leigh Hunt, said: “We are delighted to be working with AirBroadband to bring Full Fibre to the residents and businesses of Solihull as we continue to expand our network in the area. It’s never been a more important time to help them take advantage of the huge benefits Full Fibre has to offer.”

If you’re excited by the prospects of high-speed full fibre internet, why not get started by popping your postcode into our postcode checker? We’ll let you know if we’re in your area or if we’re coming soon.