Gigabit internet is coming to Cheltenham

Hello, Cheltenham

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding to offer Gigabit internet to homes in Cheltenham. With delivery via CityFibre’s full fibre network, our aim is to support families and home businesses in their desire for fast and stable internet speeds.

Offering speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, Gigabit internet represents the next revolution in home internet. Gigabit speeds allow an entire household to simultaneously push their internet use to the limit; from buffer-free 4K television streaming to rock-solid stability during work calls and zero-latency online gaming, families will be excited to move away from the standard broadband service supplied by existing firms.

Our goal is to significantly boost internet speeds all across Cheltenham. And Gigabit Internet in Cheltenham will definitely do so, as it’s the future of broadband. Taking advantage of new, high-tech infrastructure, we intend to assist Cheltenham businesses as they grow and expand in an age of home working. With fast and secure internet service guaranteed, local firms will have the certainty they need to fulfil their ambitions and level up their local community.

Free Standard Installation

Offering free standard installation and a competitively priced entry service – just £28 per month for an Air200 Mbps service – we aim to offer vital support for home businesses and families as the UK emerges from the pandemic. With home working increasing across Cheltenham, workers are now often balancing work commitments with their home life; our Gigabit service is designed to keep that balance as stress-free as possible.

Our Sales and Marketing Manager, Gordon Sadler, said that:

“Full fibre services are the future of internet connection. So Air Broadband are honoured to be able to provide our services to homes in Cheltenham. We hope customers will see that Air is an internet provider set for the future. With customer service set at a level to match our speeds.”

And CityFibre’s City Manager, Neil Madle, commented:

“We are delighted people in Cheltenham are going to be able to take advantage of all the benefits full fibre has to bring. We continue to expand our network across the whole of Cheltenham. Allowing more people to make the switch to full fibre.”

If you’re in the Cheltenham area and you’d like to take advantage of our Gigabit internet service, begin by entering your postcode. We might be coming soon to your neighbourhood!