Meet the first Silhillian to receive a full-fibre connection from Air Broadband

Phil Hale is Air Broadband’s first customer in Solihull. Congratulations Phil, we are glad to have you onboard and online! 

We had a chat with Phil to find out a little more about how he and his family use the internet, how his family’s internet connection needs have changed since the pandemic, and why he chose Air Broadband as his provider.

Digging for Gold

As an IT consultant who works from home, it’s fair to say that our first Silhillian customer needs a stable internet connection more than most. When Phil, who has a background in telecommunications, saw that engineers from CityFibre were digging up the road near his home, he was able to provide some much-needed reassurance to his concerned neighbours that this was, in fact, a good thing. 

Perhaps as a result of being overlooked for too long, this sudden surge of activity was met with apprehension in the neighbourhood. Why is this better than what we have now? Will new lines mean more road digging? These were just some of the questions Phil’s neighbours had. Luckily Phil was able to explain exactly why full-fibre was an upgrade from the copper lines that currently serviced the postcode. What a local hero!

Phil was keen to find out what this meant for his household so he contacted CityFibre directly to ask who they were partnering with. Hearing that Air Broadband was on their list of partners and having not heard the name before, Phil decided to get in touch in the hope that Air Broadband would be able to offer something that other providers can’t. 

After speaking to Air Broadband’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Gordon Sadler, and being reassured that Air Broadband were able offer competitive contracts, he was quick to sign up for the service. Phil commented that “it’s always nice to have a direct point of contact at any company you are signed up with”. 

Families in Solihull are ready for Gigabit internet

Livestreaming Lessons

Although Phil had been working remotely for years by the time the pandemic hit in March 2020, it was a shock to the system for his wife, a Head of Department in a large secondary school, who suddenly had to adapt to teaching online. “People were forced to invest in their home offices. My wife bought a camera, light and a second monitor so she could teach live lessons.  Similarly, our children were getting to grips with online learning, increasing the need for stable internet connectivity so they could continue their schooling during lockdown.”

Installing a second line became a priority for Phil after multiple instances of network failures from Virgin. For Phil’s wife, not being able to teach from home due to an interrupted service was a risk. As such, he opted for a 10Mbps service from Plusnet for a backup connection which was “better than nothing”

Phil is now hoping that Air Broadband’s Gigabit internet service will become his primary line! With speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, Gigabit internet is the future of home broadband. 

Digital Dads

The flexibility of working from home means Phil has always done the morning and afternoon school run with his kids. He’s also an active member of the school’s parents and teachers’ association (PTA). 

In fact, it was at the school gates that he ended up having conversations with other dads about Air Broadband and CityFibre. He even made sure they signed up to be notified when the Gigabit service became available. 

Streaming Siblings

It’s not just remote work that has led to an increased demand for faster broadband across the nation. Advances in online gaming and streaming services means that more of our leisure time requires a super speedy connection. 

In Phil’s household, Roblox and Minecraft are the firm favourites among the kids. “I’m a little less strict than other parents when it comes to screen time. I can see the benefit in it, especially when it comes to my girls. Online gaming has a lot to offer: it teaches creativity and even money management skills.” Phil often uses gaming credit instead of pocket money for his kids which has taught them a lot about modern-day budgeting. 

Speaking of his children’s reaction to connection interruptions Phil says: “you’d think it was the end of the world!” 

Get Connected

To see whether you and your family can join Phil in getting super-fast gigabit internet from Air Broadband, you can use our free postcode checker. Alternatively, you can sign up to be notified when we are servicing your area!