Air Broadband offers internet speeds up to 10x the UK average

A newly released report has shown that Air Broadband’s internet speeds can reach up to ten times the UK average, and that even Air’s cheapest package offers speeds up to approximately twice the UK average.

According to ISPreview’s new report on average 2021 internet speeds, the UK average speed is 104.04 Mbps, up from 76.49 Mbps in 2020. This places the UK 48th on the list of the 50th fastest countries worldwide, which is topped by Monaco’s impressive 270.25 Mbps.

However, with Air Broadband’s full fibre Gigabit service, customers can expect to achieve speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. This represents a remarkable improvement over the UK average.

And even with Air’s cheapest package, Air 200 (£28 p/m), you’ll find yourself with download speeds up to almost twice the national average.

In fact, the average service speeds for our customers on the CityFibre network are nearly double that of the average speeds found in Monaco.

So if you’d like to break UK average records with ease, why not try Air’s Gigabit broadband service? We’re available in multiple locations across the UK, and we’re expanding our coverage all the time.

Even better, we’re offering free delivery, installation, and activation on all new CityFibre-eligible customers until the end of January 2022. Which means if you’d like to beat the average and join us in the fast lane, there’s never been a better time to get started.

Why not try our postcode checker and begin your Gigabit journey today?

SOURCE: 2021 vs 2020 – UK Broadband and Mobile Speeds vs the World