Looking for lightning fast internet speeds with no contract price rises?

With the recent news that BT Openreach prices are set to increase, broadband customers with Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin and BT are likely to see their bills rise by more than 9%

Along with current inflation at a whopping 5.4%, energy customers facing a potential 50% increase in their gas bills, and National Insurance rises taking effect in April, households across the UK are soon going to feel the pinch. 

Price comparison website Uswitch predicts that for millions of broadband customers the upcoming price hike will add £56 per year to their bill. 

However, there’s good news for Air Broadband customers. 

Unlike the bigger providers who supply their services via BT Openreach, we work with new open-source fibre infrastructure. This means we aren’t beholden to the same agreements as the big four. As a result, Air Broadband customers can avoid any unexpected annual price hikes – forever! 

We work with the following new fibre infrastructure providers (and that list is growing):

  • CityFibre
  • FullFibre
  • LilaConnect
  • Gigaclear
  • OFNL
  • Prime Fibre
  • Connect Fibre

Air Broadband is committed to providing affordable Gigabit internet to everyone in the UK – even those in the most rural areas (often left behind or let down by bigger internet service providers).

Even the UK government has walked back on their commitment to providing all areas in the UK with fast broadband speeds by 2025.    

With Air Broadband you can relax and enjoy all the benefits of full-fibre broadband without worrying about annual contract price rises. 

We know that other broadband providers have a monopoly over the market. And we also appreciate that it’s often easier to stick with what you know than to try something different.

But our policy of no contract price hikes at a time when energy bills and other expenses are about to soar, is the perfect reason to think about switching to Air Broadband. 

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