Air Broadband is stepping up as UK government breaks their high-speed broadband promise

According to a recent parliamentary report, the government is failing on its promises to level up the nation’s broadband by 2025, representing years of lost potential.

In fact, per the recently released ‘levelling up’ white paper, the government now aims to expand Gigabit broadband across Britain by 2030 – five years later than their original target. 

From allowing seamless home working to giving businesses the stability and speed they need to serve their customers, Gigabit broadband offers the chance for rural areas and left-behind regions to compete with cities and richer areas. 

And the government recognises the huge potential for increasing productivity and reducing inequality that Gigabit coverage represents – which is why it’s particularly disappointing to see it failing in its pledge to give a boost to rural areas.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an understandable delay in many infrastructure projects, the slip of five years (and potentially more after that) will result in delayed connectivity all across the UK – and especially in the parts of the country that need it the most.

That’s why Air Broadband is stepping up to fill the gap. Partnering with a number of open-source full fibre suppliers, we’re expanding our reach every day. And from Shrewsbury to Ivybrige to Mayfair in London, we’re doing our best to bring Gigabit broadband to as much of the UK as we can.

Wherever you are, you deserve the best. Gigabit broadband is the future of the internet, and we believe it should be available to all. With our competitively priced service, you’ll be enjoying internet speeds of 1,000Mbps – up to ten times the UK average

For both home and on-site businesses, that represents a chance to compete in our increasingly interconnected world.

And with other big providers set to raise their in-contract prices, resulting in a huge bill for millions, we’re proud to say that with Air Broadband, what you see is what you get

There’s never been a better time to sign up. So why not try our postcode checker and join us in the fast lane today?