Our very first Cheltenham customer on her speedy installation experience

Kate B was lucky enough to be one of Air Broadband’s first customers in Cheltenham. Congratulations Kate, we are pleased to have you onboard and online!

We had a chat with Kate to find out about how her household uses the internet, why she chose Air Broadband and how her installation went.

Saving the pennies as costs rise

Like many others, Kate was paying £48 per month with one of the big four internet providers. Looking to save money and seeing that Air Broadband was offering the same speeds for a lower price, she decided to make the switch. 

The big providers (BT, Virgin, Sky and TalkTalk) are set to raise their prices even more in April. And with other utility and energy bills also set to rise, plus tax and national insurance increases, many households and families are set to see dramatic price hikes. In fact, BT has forecast that most broadband and phone bills will be rising to 9.3% at the end of March. 

Fortunately for Kate, Air Broadband isn’t going to be hiking prices any time soon. And even when that time comes, this will only apply to new customers. This is because Air Broadband has a policy of no in-contract price rises. Those out-of-contract will be contacted to renew at the same prices for an additional 12 months. 

A smooth transition to a seamless connection

Kate was happy to learn we were ready to connect the GL51 postcode where she lives. As a result, we were able to arrange a quick installation. 

On the day of her installation, Sam Butler from the Air team came to visit her alongside the CityFibre installation team. Sam was in attendance to support Kate, welcome her to Air Broadband and answer all her questions. 

According to Kate: “Installation was brilliant, as I didn’t get involved at all – only to move some furniture and disconnect the telly”.  

The whole installation took less than an hour and disruption was kept to a minimum. 

Up-and-running straight away for the whole household

Kate and her family were able to make use of our Gigabit capable full-fibre service immediately after installation. 

Speaking about the first day of connection, Kate said: “I had no problems on the first evening, and we even had most but not all of the household logged on”. 

She has since updated the team at Air Broadband with the news that her connection has been perfect. Commenting on noticeable changes, Kate notes that “the TV is loading much quicker with no buffering”. In fact, all 12 devices in Kate’s home are in her words, “connecting well with no issues”.

Air Broadband’s full fibre Gigabit service will help Kate and her family fulfil their internet needs; online gaming, social media and video streaming. When asked how likely she would be to recommend our service, Kate commented: “I would recommend Air Broadband to friends and family”.

Want to join Kate?

If you’re one of the customers thinking about switching to Air Broadband to save money on bills, enter your postcode to see if we can provide our service in your area. We’re expanding quickly throughout the UK and always widening our reach. 

We believe families like Kate’s and those throughout the whole of the UK deserve lightning-fast internet speeds at affordable prices.