Half of the UK is Struggling With Bad Broadband: You Can Choose a Better Connection With Air Broadband

According to new research by Which?, half of UK broadband customers have experienced broadband frustration and extensive disruption with their trusted internet provider in the last year. These results illustrate that from slow speeds to days-long outages, the big providers just aren’t delivering and don’t care about the quality of service that their hard-working and loyal paying customers deserve.

Frequent video call drop-outs affected about a sixth of broadband users, with slow speeds affecting one in seven. That glitchy feeling or your voice not being heard in work meetings, ruined presentations to the board of directors to guarantee that promotion, and endless searching throughout the home for a good Wi-Fi signal have resulted in both frustration and missed opportunities. 

These figures were higher than average for PlusNet (a fifth experienced frequent signal drop-out) and Sky and Virgin (one in five experienced slow speeds) respectively, meaning that large customer bases were left frequently without vital connectivity to work, rest and play.

One in seven reported trouble with their router, with this number rising to one in five for Virgin customers. And outages lasting for longer than an hour were experienced by one in eight, with this number again rising for Virgin Media (one in seven). Some reported outages lasted days at a time – an incredible loss of productivity for a country purporting to lead the way in tech innovation, and a worrying sign for those continuing to work from home during these uncertain times.

1 in 5 Virgin customers had trouble with their router

It’s not just the bad broadband connection, either, because nearly four in ten reported customer service issues when attempting to solve their problems. An inability to reach an actual company representative knowledgeable enough to provide the clear guidance needed to fix the issue meant disappointment, frustration and unwelcome downtime for those affected. 

And with the cost of living squeezing households all over the UK, rising prices are hitting customers of the big providers harder than ever; almost a quarter of Sky and Virgin customers reported an issue with their providers’ costs. With the likes of Sky, BT, Virgin combining to make up approximately 65% of the UK’s broadband base, this means that millions will be facing tough choices as a result of unnecessary price rises.

Quarter of Sky and Virgin customers had an issue with costs

What does this mean for you?

Air Broadband has spoken out before about the record-breaking price rises that customers are facing as part of the sharp rise in the cost of living. We already think it’s wrong to spring hidden costs on customers, which is why Air is committed to no in-contract price rises. But we think it’s really wrong for customers to face huge price increases alongside bad service. How is it fair for you to pay more for less? 

In fact, Air Broadband’s own research has shown that concern about the cost of living has reached its highest level since search records began in 2004. In these unprecedented times, customers are having to make tough choices about their spending, and broadband firms have a responsibility to help them where they can – including by offering genuine value for money instead of expensive, sub-par service. 

It’s particularly revealing that despite shelling out more money every year, customers with the big providers have more problems than average. With their stranglehold on the market, they’ve been emboldened to offer increasingly poor service – and sometimes it feels like there’s no alternative.

Thankfully the rise in new broadband networks and the resulting flexibility in pricing means that we can take a different approach to this most ubiquitous of home requirements. 

Because you deserve broadband that won’t drop out, fast speeds that won’t get throttled far below what you were promised, and customer service that’s friendly, attentive, and helpful. And you deserve a firm that will always be transparent about costs instead of springing them on you when you can least afford it. That’s why we’re continuing to develop and expand our teams and offering to make sure you, the customer, are always at the core of what we do.

Put simply: you don’t have to be a statistic, because Air Broadband offers something different. Check your postcode and see if you can make the switch today to join the 50% enjoying their broadband; or call our sales team on 01223 606 828.