Air Broadband And CityFibre Are Live In Chester: And Here’s What Our First Customer Has To Say


Air Broadband recently announced the arrival of our broadband service in Chester, powered by CityFibre’s newly installed full-fibre infrastructure. And we’re now thrilled to announce that the first customers in the city were installed at the end of April and are now enjoying their super-fast fibre broadband!

Chester may have been named the UK’s ‘most relaxed city’ last year, but with amazingly fast broadband to connect and support the community, we have no doubt that it can outshine bigger, busier cities in the region. 

We spoke to our very first Chester-based customer, Jason Duncan, to see how his first week with Air has been.

Jason Duncan Praises “Black And White” Broadband Difference To Previous Poor Service

First customer Joshua and the Air team

Jason Duncan (second from left) with the CityFibre and Air Broadband installation team

“It’s been great,” Jason told us of his experience so far. “Absolutely great!”

When we first spoke to Jason, he was being “driven mad” by his unreliable internet connection. A household of four, all using traditional slow copper FTTC connected broadband in various ways on a range of devices, had led to poor customer service and slow speeds – making working at speed almost impossible and leaving the family forced to take turns to use the internet, one at a time.

Asked what his hopes were for his new broadband, Jason explained:

“Fast stable broadband will help with productivity at work and hopefully mean the whole house can enjoy it at once rather than one person at a time.” When we followed up with him, we asked him if his wishes had come true. 

“So far so good,” he said. “Everyone can use it at the same time, and there’s no buffering!” 

Jason describes the contrast between Air and previous providers as being “like black and white”, telling us how he experienced the difference in real time. 

Jason explained how, upon using one of the devices in his home, he found the connection slow and laggy, sighing “oh, no” as he braced himself for another bad broadband nightmare. But when he checked the connection, he found that the device was simply still connected to his old broadband! 

“As soon as I switched it over to the Air connection, the difference was so obvious.” 

So, is it safe to say Jason’s new broadband meets his long-held expectations? 

“It absolutely has – it’s even exceeded them, in some ways,” he assured us. When Jason first decided to keep an eye out for fibre broadband in his area, he was frustrated with the constant delays and outages he was experiencing and simply wanted decent broadband. “I’d have settled for a stable connection,” he admits, “but this definitely exceeds that expectation!” 

Top Of Our Game

Jason is also an avid gamer, spending his free time playing Call Of Duty on his PC. He had previously highlighted with us the importance of reliable internet and fast connection to his favourite pastime. After experiencing his beloved “battle royale-style” games on a super-fast fibre connection, we asked him if he would recommend it to fellow gamers. 

“I already have!” 

Since switching to Air Broadband, Jason has been talking about it with the friends he games with, and says that he would strongly recommend that they do the same. 

Knowing how important a good internet connection is to the gaming community, we’re taking that as the highest accolade we could hope for!

It’s The Little Things…

Finally, we asked Jason to tell us his favourite thing about his new broadband. Would it be his super-fast download speeds? Or maybe that whole new world of gaming potential? Not quite… “I work from home, and I like that I can join Teams calls for work without freezing on an awkward face,” he admitted. “That’s always embarrassing!” 

We can only imagine, Jason. And we’re very glad to have made that a thing of the past.

Chester Resident? Join Air Broadband in the Fast Lane

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