MS3 Launches Exciting New Partnership With ISP Air Broadband To Bring Amazing Fibre Connectivity to Hull

MS3 Networks announced today that it has signed an agreement with national broadband service provider Air Broadband to sell fibre broadband to homes and businesses across East Riding of Yorkshire initially, with grand expansion plans to follow.

Announcing this venture Sam Hales, Sales and Marketing Director at MS3 said “We’re excited to see Air Broadband launching on MS3’s wholesale platform in Hull. It further illustrates the desire for national ISPs to access an entirely new market and finally bring choice of broadband provider for residents.”

Air Broadband’s Head of Marketing and Business Development, Joshua Greedy, explained:

“As a nation with extremely low fibre broadband coverage, it’s fantastic to continue to develop the nationwide fibre reach by working with network deliverers like MS3. Challenging the traditional providers to supply a better standard of broadband reliability, speed and price means that residents of East Yorkshire will have more choice, a variety of incredible speeds and don’t have to only take the main networks that have held a monopoly over broadband services in Hull up until now.”

“The availability of a great broadband connecting is every individual right and at this point in time, many homes are being left behind or forced due to a lack of competition into subpar agreements delivering low speeds and a bad quality of service at a high price, especially when the homes of the UK are screaming out for a better deal.

“Better broadband means that you can work from home, work faster, work better and connect with colleagues, friends, and family around the world effortlessly. The days of bad broadband, face freezes, and glitching connections are quickly reducing and here at Air we pride ourselves on leading the drive to provide a range of network options for homes and businesses in every city, town and village across the UK.”

MS3 has completed the first phase of the Hull build-in, and plans to reach towns such as Grimsby and Scunthorpe as part of its plans to cover over 500,000 properties in the next 4 years.

Pricing and Availability

This new fibre network is now available on Air Broadband for residents of Kingston Upon Hull from today, providing speeds from 200Mbps up to 1000Mbps, at prices ranging from just £32 per month. 

  • 200Mbps – £32 p/m
  • 500Mbps – £42 p/m
  • 1Gbps/1000Mbps – £50 p/m

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