Norwich Says “Let’s Be ‘Avin’ Ya!” To Better Broadband

Did you know that Norwich was recently named the second-worst place in the UK for hybrid and remote working

When the news reached Air HQ, we knew the people and businesses of Norwich deserved better, and we came to deliver. We believe that with fast and reliable broadband service this ranking can change, and the time to change it is now. That’s why we are excited to announce that our incredible fast and reliable broadband service is officially live to homes and businesses in parts of Norwich. This milestone means homes and businesses across this fine city will now be able to join the fibre broadband revolution and benefit from dependable, affordable full-fibre connectivity to work from home more easily and productively than ever before. 

Powered by CityFibre’s newly installed full fibre infrastructure in the area, we are pleased to be able to offer Norwich residents internet speeds 10x faster than the UK average.

New Broadband For The New Normal

With lightning fast download and upload speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, Air Broadband represents the next revolution in home internet access. Poor broadband delivered through outdated copper cables can no longer cut the mustard in Norwich, but our packages can handle the needs of any home’s connected devices, far exceeding the limits and packages offered by traditional internet service providers. And with homes in Norwich boasting an average of 20 connected devices, it’s never been more important to connect to an infrastructure that can support those needs now and into the future!

We offer a range of packages at competitive prices starting from just £28 per month for Air 200 service, which boasts download and upload speeds of 200Mbps – almost three times the average in the area.

Customers across the UK have recommended switching to Air Broadband for online gaming, streaming without frustrating buffering and, of course, working from home without wasting time with a lagging connection or the fear of freezing on a Zoom call with an awkward facial expression. 

One customer, KL, who works from home, praised the contrast with her previous service from major providers, saying: “Much better service than larger companies (…) I really can’t understand why anyone would use any other service.”

Big City Broadband

Joshua Greedy, Air Broadband’s Head of Marketing & Business Development, is excited to be part of helping Norwich reach its full potential for remote working, explaining: 

“To work from home successfully, video calling and fast file transfers are crucial. Only fibre broadband such as Air Broadband can give you sufficient upload speeds to transfer video files. Copper connections like the 60-70Mbps you may have can only give you download speed, not upload. Even Virgin cannot provide you with great upload speeds. Air provides symmetrical download and upload speeds, for instance 200 Mbps up and download which means your video calls are crisp, clear, glitch free. No more face freeze! What’s more, with Air Broadband you can connect all your laptops, phones, tablets, Alexas, Ring doorbells, even your toothbrush to your broadband at the same time without anything suffering.” 

“There is huge bandwidth and lightning-fast speeds available meaning your home or business can work faster, more reliably and never experience drop-outs. It’s time to stop waiting for a broadband outage to decide to switch to a much better internet service, the time is now. The opportunity to have a big city broadband service in your home or business means remote or hybrid working in Norwich is now a very possible option, in contrast to the ranking mentioned above.”

Norwich residents can use Air’s online postcode checker to check whether they can leave bad broadband behind and join us in the fast lane!