Chester Network Update

UPDATE 0930, 04/08/22: There has been a number of reported broadband outages this morning for Air Broadband customers in Chester.

We apologise for any disruption recently experienced to the service, which is impacting all our customers in Chester. 

We are not completely clear at this point in time as to what the issue cause is right now but are working with our partners at CityFibre to identify the problem and resolve this issue as fast as possible. 

t this stage, we do not have an estimated resolution time for this but will update our news section on our website as we progress. We do understand the frustration this brings, and we will keep you informed on any expected delays or outages to the service as well as news on when the fix will be completed by email.

Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

UPDATE 1555, 04/08/22: We again apologise for the disruption to your service in Chester.  Engineers are currently attending the main network connection location to diagnose the issues. These engineers are from both Air Broadband and City Fibre. The situation has not been resolved yet but we will keep you updated with progress.

UPDATE 0930, 05/08/22: We are continuing to experience disruption to broadband services in Chester. 

Our engineers attended the site late into last night and have verified that all our equipment is working.  Our backhaul providers are also on-site, and elsewhere checking the backhaul links that connect your broadband service to the national coverage. Unfortunately, the root cause of the incident has yet to be identified. We are continuing to investigate this morning with our partners and hope to have a resolution asap. As always, we do apologise and understand the disruption this has caused you. As a team with many members living in Chester we do understand the frustration this has caused. The situation is still ongoing, and we are awaiting further updates.  We will continue to provide updates on this situation.

UPDATE 0958, 05/08/22: We now understand this to be a region-wide issue affecting all broadband providers in the Chester area. We are investigating this further with Openreach and hope to have news soon

UPDATE 1350. 05/08/22: The situation in Chester continues to evolve and we now believe there to be a major issue with the backhaul network which is the broadband telecommunications infrastructure that connects all providers in Chester.

This means all broadband services in the Chester region are experiencing network outages and speed fluctuations.

A large number of engineers from multiple companies are at a number of sites trying to diagnose the problem.

It may be a fibre has been cut accidentally. It could be a malfunctioning piece of telecommunications hardware. It will be fixed and service will resume but we do not have an indicative time frame for this.

UPDATE 1755. 05/08/22: The situation in Chester has now been escalated with Openreach who is investigating the problem.

We are waiting on a time frame from Openreach and will share this when we receive it. 

We will continue to keep you updated with progress.

UPDATE 2200. 05/08/22: The situation has now been resolved by the replacement of an Openreach SFP (a piece of telecommunications equipment) which was the cause of the outage. 

We are currently in discussions with the supplier partners involved in this as to why this occurred, what can be done to prevent future situations and any other solution to this situation.

 We thank all of our customers for their patience during this trying and frustrating time and will continue to update you with any future updates.