Our network partners

We are chosen partners to a number of new fibre network providers who build and maintain networks, providing you with the connection, and to which we provide the services, like broadband, phone, TV.

New fibre network providers deliver services over their networks using partners. This allows them to concentrate on what they are good at – building and maintain networks – and chosen partners manage the customer interface and provision of the services to provide first line support. This model still operates in the older traditional networks, where BT, Talk Talk, and many other companies partner with Openreach to provide services over the copper, FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) network.

Air Broadband have been evaluated, selected, and approved to provide Fibre To The Home (FTTH/P) services to a number of new fibre networks. This means that we meet the standards required by the networks in customer management and ongoing support. Products, other than broadband, that Air Broadband provide on the network are also approved by the network partners.

Based near Cambridge, Air Broadband provide services to customers throughout the UK. Our sales processes and support procedures have been designed to provide very high levels of service irrespective of customer location and they need to be as OFNL are active in new build developments throughout the UK, Prime Fibre are the network provider over the Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair and Belgravia, The first Lila Connect metropolitan network will be Stoke, followed by a number of other large towns and cities. Gigaclear are implementing their network in many areas of Southern England and Full Fibre are installing fibre networks in Shrewsbury, Leominster and Ladybridge areas.

Our infrastructure partners

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connect fibre

Air Broadband is dedicated to bringing you the ultra-fast broadband your home deserves. With unrivalled support and a wide range of add-ons to turn your house into a smart home, we look forward to getting you connected to show you the possibilities.

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What does Full Fibre mean to me?

Quality of your connection

By having a fibre to your home, you’re sure to have a reliable service each day and night, that doesn’t struggle under the strain of demanding online tasks or the number of your neighbours online at the same time.

Streaming and downloading

Smart TVs are now commonplace, and many homes have more than one. 4K Ultra HD content is on the way. Full Fibre broadband is essential if you are a family that loves watching films, TV and live sport in glorious ultra-high
definition. Also – say goodbye to buffering!


VoIP, Skype, Facetime and others work at their best on this type of connection.

Smart home

Alexa, Siri and Google are now commonplace in homes, as are products that are controlled from apps using smart devices. All these products are connected to the internet and need a fast and reliable connection to work at their best.


If there are gamers in the home, they’ll love Full Fibre. The fastest of speeds with super low latency is all we need to say on this subject.

Future Proofed

As products and services that are delivered via the internet become an integral part of our everyday lives, data consumption is growing fast. Full Fibre can cope!

Your Smart Home

As soon as your fibre connection is live, you can unleash the power of your new smart home with a range of different products and services from entertainment to security.

Big title, small print

All prices are monthly and include VAT. Contract period vary, they are normally 12 months, but may be 18 months with no in-contract price rises. Unlimited monthly data usage. Free wireless router. UK based technical and customer support. Speeds (50/50) refer to download and upload in Mbps. Virtually unlimited call package is 2000 minutes UK national calls and 2000 minutes UK mobile calls.

Router delivery £6.50, telephone number transfer £10.

Prices correct at June 2022