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100Mbps download speed


With 100Mbps speeds, you can download a song in a second or a 20-minute video in 60 seconds. This kind of speed is suitable for video calling in HD, online gaming and cloud gaming, and general web browsing and HD Netflix streaming.

500Mbps download speed


500Mbps takes your digital experiences to a whole new level. You can group Zoom call in HD across a huge number of devices simultaneously, stream 4K UHD Netflix from every room in the house, and experience 4K cloud gaming with several consoles in use at the same time—all under the same roof.

1000Mbps download speed


For seriously serious internet users. With Gigabit speeds, you can watch Netflix in 4K UHD across more than 30 devices at the same time. And you can game on 25 devices in 4K. Expect speeds of up to 10 times faster than standard superfast broadband. 

Gigabit vs. standard broadband

In the beginning, there was 2G. Then came 3G, 4G, and—at long last—5G. Gigabit is the 5G of the broadband world, offering speeds up to a whopping 10x faster than standard superfast broadband packages.


Check your postcode

Truly fast broadband shouldn’t come with a painfully slow sign-up. Just pop in your postcode to find out if we’re in your area. All our fingers and toes are crossed for you!