Some common FAQs




Latency or ping time is the time your broadband connection takes to connect to a local server. A low ping time allows for good interaction with servers you are connecting to. Gamers love broadband with a low ping time, as it makes the gaming experience smoother and responsive. The ping time on the network, is normally less than 20ms – very fast!

Modern SMART homes need low latency to operate at their best.

Voice and TV services

Fibre broadband is ideal for Voice services. Better known as VoIP, your existing telephone number can be transferred to the service, so you will not need to pay for the copper landline connection. AIR Broadband’s VoIP service provides virtually unlimited UK National and Mobile calls, with low cost International call packages also available.

Fibre broadband is also ideal for streaming TV services. A SMART TV may already have this functionality in place and will link to the router to enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

Can I use BT, Sky, Talk Talk as my ISP?

No. These companies have chosen not to offer their services on the network at this point in time. There are no barriers to them coming on, as the networks grow in the future, they may decide to offer services.

How long are contracts?

These are dependent on the package selected from the chosen ISP. They are normally 12 months duration.

At the end of a contract the ISP can be changed. Available ISPs, products and prices are all listed on the Prime Fibre portal. Any switch will be seamless.

What support will I receive?

The chosen ISP (internet service provider) will be your initial point of contact for support. They have full access to the ISP support centre to swiftly resolve any network issues.

How long does it take to connect my home?

This depends on your network provider. For instance, OFNL work closely with the developer to connect the houses before purchasers move in by connecting the fibre to the house and installing a small box inside that the router is connected to. They are aiming to have 85% of homes connected before moving in.

If this is the case, then the chosen ISP can activate the service very quickly, but please bear in mind that the ISP will require time to configure and despatch your new router. Air Broadband have a target of 3 working days to have new customers up and running on the ONFL network.

How expensive is the service?

The ISPs will all say that their broadband services are all competitively priced. The key is to compare a fibre connection with a fibre connection – as many of the connections advertised as fibre are not. They are Fibre to the Cabinet that uses copper to connect to the houses. You can use USwitch or other price comparison sites to judge what the cost of local broadband services are.

Are the speeds quoted guaranteed?

Simply – Yes.