Gigabit vs standard superfast broadband

Superfast is often not so super. Enter Gigabit — the next broadband revolution.

No in-contract price rises with Air Broadband!

BT, EE & Plusnet customers to see price rises by up to 9.3% from 31st March. Virgin Media will be increasing average prices by £56 per year from 1st March.

Other major providers are raising their prices. We do things differently.

*According to MoneySavingExpert and Uswitch

The 5G of broadband

In the beginning, there was 2G. Then came 3G, 4G, and—at long last—5G. Gigabit is the 5G of the broadband world, offering up to 10x faster speeds than standard superfast broadband packages.

That’s the kind of fast that would let every member of the Fellowship of the Ring stream from separate rooms without a single buffering icon to be seen…

That would let a home-based video editing business operate uninterrupted in a household of 4K Netflix bingers and Minecraft addicts…

That would let a Dungeons and Dragons clan take on the Kraken from multiple screens and consoles in the same room.

Oh, the power.

Gigabit is coming. Don’t be late to the party.

It’s predicted that Gigabit broadband will be widely available in the next decade. But we weren’t willing to wait 10 years. With a little bit of determination, we’ve made Gigabit a reality for many right now.

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