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What’s the difference between Gigabit and standard broadband?

Choosing a broadband package is seriously confusing; there’s fast, superfast, fibre, and fibre optic, to name a few. The choice seems simple: you’d be forgiven for thinking that “superfast” should be, well, super fast. It’s in the name, isn’t it?

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. But there is an alternative.

Gigabit internet offers speeds ten times faster than average superfast broadband. Don’t take our word for it—Uswitch agrees.

Gigabit internet is for those in need of an upgrade. The gamers seeking a competitive edge; the families looking for some quality time; the home workers juggling the many demands of their business.

If that sounds like you, why not try something new?

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Very good reliable service

Air Broadband were very prompt with providing Internet services, in fact the service was live before the fibre was actually installed. I have had good communication with them, but it did take a week to resolve an issue with a static IP address. I have been using the product for around 10 days and it is a very stable connection with low latency.


Incredible speeds at a great price

Amazing speeds at just over 1Gigabit for me on an Ethernet connection. Being able to download 100gb games on PC in 10 mins is great. No more waiting hours to download mine or my kids games again.


Quick and neat installation

The installation was done on the agreed date very neatly with minimum disruption. The installers consulted me before each stage. The initial set-up was easy and I am very happy that the broadband is better than my existing supplier.


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Remote workers & businesses

Remote working is increasing, but most home broadband packages can’t keep up. Gigabit internet will serve all your business needs with bandwidth left over for your household members to Netflix, Zoom, or binge-watch cat videos. 

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Eyes streaming (last pun, we promise) when your Netflix buffers? Fed up of competing with other members of your household for broadband? Gigabit internet means 4K streaming in every room of the house without breaking a sweat.