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Truly fast broadband shouldn’t come with a painfully slow sign-up. Just pop in your postcode to find out if we’re in your area. All our fingers and toes are crossed for you!


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Gigabit vs standard superfast broadband

Superfast packages are often not so super. Welcome to the next revolution in broadband: Gigabit internet.

The 5G of broadband

From 2G through to 5G, we’ve watched as cellular broadband has got better. And domestic broadband has kept up; Gigabit broadband offers speeds up to 10x faster than standard broadband!

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Excellent value for money. Future of broadband is here now

Excellent customer service. Quality speed and reliability. Excellent value for money. The next step in broadband speed. For someone who runs their own business from home and has a house full of family devices and IOT, finally we have broadband that can handle it all.


Super fast Internet, easy installation and amazing customer care

Being an independent IT and AV consultant I have had my fair share of interaction with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) over the years. From my first pre-sales contact with Prime Fibre to the activation of the Air Broadband Internet service I had selected for my client, Prime Fibre and Air Broadband have been some of the most responsive, diligent and courteous providers I have dealt with…


Great ISP

The sales team are really efficient and general customer service experience has been really good and consistent.


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Nothing makes your eye Twitch (see what we did there?) like gameplay lag. With Gigabit internet, your download speeds will match your upload speeds, making lag a thing of the past. Are you ready, player one? 

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Eyes streaming (last pun, we promise) when your Netflix buffers? Fed up of competing with other members of your household for broadband? Gigabit internet means 4K streaming in every room of the house without breaking a sweat.