Fibre Heroes

Partnering with Fibre Heroes, we’re bringing fantastic full fibre broadband to cities and towns all over the UK.

Full Fibre Heroes

Our full fibre broadband packages

All contracts are for 18 Months

Air 100

simply… £25/pm

100Mbps Download speed
100Mbps Upload speed

click here

18 Month Contract
Minimum download speed 55Mbps

Air 250

just… £30/pm

250Mbps Download speed
250Mbps Upload speedclick here

18 Month Contract
Minimum download speed 165Mbps

Air 500

only… £35/pm

500Mbps Download speed
500Mbps Upload speedclick here

18 Month Contract
Minimum download speed 275Mbps

Air 1000

only… £55/pm

1000Mbps Download speed
1000Mbps Upload speedclick here

18 Month Contract
Minimum download speed 450Mbps

+ Phone Bolt-On

You can even keep your existing number

£4.99/pm + calls

Call options available:

+ £6.50 Virtually unlimited anytime UK national & mobile calls

+ £5.00 200 mins international calls to 37 countries

+ £4.00 Softphone bundle (4) IOS, Android Windows

VoIP phone options available:

+ £10 Single VoIP handset

+ £12.50 Dect base, with two VoIP handsets

VoIP +call package +Softphone

Buy the bundle for just £12.99/pm


  • Virtually unlimited anytime UK national & mobile calls
  • Softphone bundle (4) IOS, Android, Windows

Saving £2.50 month

VoIP +call package +Dect phone

Buy the bundle from just £15/pm

+ £15 Single handset
+ £17.50 Dect base, with two handsets

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Who are Fibre Heroes?

FullFibre’s Fibre Heroes are here to provide you with unbeatable internet speeds. Relieve your family internet stress, catch up on the latest streaming blockbuster in record time and remove the buffering bandits throughout your home and business. Through Air Broadband, you can unlock the limitless power of a full fibre network.

What does full fibre mean to me?

Quality of your connection

By having a fibre to your home, you’re sure to have a reliable service each day and night, that doesn’t struggle under the strain of demanding online tasks or the number of your neighbours online at the same time.

Streaming and downloading

Smart TVs are now commonplace, and many homes have more than one. 4K Ultra HD content is on the way. Full fibre broadband is essential if you are a family that loves watching films, TV and live sport in glorious ultra-high
definition. Also – say goodbye to buffering!


VoIP, Skype, Facetime and others work at their best on this type of connection.

Smart home

Alexa, Siri and Google are now commonplace in homes, as are products that are controlled from apps using smart devices. All these products are connected to the internet and need a fast and reliable connection to work at their best.


If there are gamers in the home, they’ll love full fibre. The fastest of speeds with super low latency is all we need to say on this subject.

Future proofed

As products and services that are delivered via the internet become an integral part of our everyday lives, data consumption is growing fast. Full fibre can cope!

Big title, small print

All prices are monthly and include VAT. Contract periods can vary between 12-18 months (related to your full fibre broadband package) with no in-contract price rises. UK-based technical and customer support. Virtually unlimited call package is 2000 minutes UK national calls and 2000 minutes UK mobile calls. All packages only available with a qualifying broadband package from Air Broadband.

Telephone number transfer costs £10.

Prices correct as of June 2022.