We know times are tough - It's Time For Air Support

We also know you need all the support you can get. We also believe everyone should have access to great, reliable and fast broadband. Read on to find out more.

We recognise that the current cost-of-living crisis is having a severe impact on households all across the UK, above all on the 18% of UK residents who rely on benefits such as Universal Credit. It is clear to us that with many broadband suppliers, people are simply paying too much for internet access. Internet access is essential to homes and businesses across the UK, and many people need support with essential services during this critical time.

Here are some key service details:

  • Air Support package is priced at £20 per month with a download/upload speed of 100Mbps – well above the UK average of 66Mbps download and 15Mbps upload – and is subject to our policy of no in-contract price rises.
  • Air Support contracts last 12 months to provide you with the flexibility you need in these uncertain times.
  • The Air Support 100Mbps upload and download broadband service, priced at £20 per month and is available on all product pages.

To qualify for the Air Support package, you just have to provide us with a copy, scan, download or image of a Proof of Benefits letter or the equivalent that is has been received in the past 3 months of the date you order your Air Broadband to confirm your eligibility for this special broadband service.

All you have to do is check your postcode in our postcode checker or to find out more, call us on 01223 606 828 or send an email to support@airbroadband.co.uk.