Contact & Support

Whatever you need, whenever you need us, Air Broadband is here for you.

Not ready to order? Still in contract? Not sure what broadband service your home needs? If you’ve got questions, queries or problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are customers to and we wanted to create a different type of internet service provider. We set out to provide great broadband that’s always on (so you never have to worry about it) with service and support from real genuine people who are here to help or even just chat (don’t get us started on broadband providers though). Our team is available in person between 9-5 pm every day. If you have a question outside this time and we all know things always happen at 8.57 pm on a Sunday night before that new series premier, leave us a voice message, drop us an email or use the forms below and our team will be in touch within 24 hours. We are also a social bunch so any feedback you have leave a review at our page. And we are developing what we offer and how we do it so any suggestions, please get in touch. But we are sorry, we won’t know your lost amazon password or the login to your Gmail. That will be yours to handle.

For technical support please call 01223653400