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Key terms & conditions

At Air Broadband, we don’t like small print and we’ve found out neither do our customers.

Following are the key points from our full Terms and Conditions, that gives the key information that our customers have asked for condensed into a simple single sheet.

Key point


Company name and address

Air Broadband Limited
The Old Sunday School, Chapel Street, Waterbeach, Cambridge  CB25 0HR


01223 653400



Services provided

Broadband services over specified partners networks

Contract length

  • Broadband – 12 or 18 months
  • TV Products – 12 Months
  • VoIP Products – 12 to 36 months

What happens after contract

If we can provide a better deal we will email you to inform you. You can take advantage of the better deal by entering into a new agreement with us

Will new customers get a better deal than existing customers?

End of contract pricing same as new customer pricing (at the time)

If I don’t enter into a new agreement with you?

Our agreement will continue on a month to month basis

Contract termination

  • In-contract – balance of contract term
  • Moving to a location where network isn’t available 30 days
  • Out of contract 30 days

In-contract price increases


Cooling off period

14 days from placing of order

Data caps


Upfront payment



Monthly in advance

Payment method

By Direct Debit

Normal payment date

1st of Month


  • Via telephone: 9 to 5, Monday to Friday
  • Via email: Full 7 days

Terms & conditions

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