VoIP phone

By having a fibre to your home, you no longer need an analogue BT phone and can now move over to a VoIP phone, that’s ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. VoIP uses the internet to make a call, rather than the old copper wires that run from telegraph poles.

Full fibre broadband phones

Air Broadband is renowned for the quality of our customer support and have a great range of low cost VoIP packages to run over the fibre.

Working with our full fibre partners, we provide simple options with carefully selected packages, that cover most home user requirements.

  • Contracted 99.9% service availability
  • A choice of packages to suit your needs
  • Responsive and friendly support

Our VoIP plans

You can only get a VoIP phone plan if you are buying one of our full fibre packages.

+ Phone Bolt-On

You can even keep your existing number

£4.99/pm + calls

Call options available:

+ £6.50 Virtually unlimited anytime UK national & mobile calls

+ £5.00 200 mins international calls to 37 countries

+ £4.00 Softphone bundle (4) IOS, Android Windows

VoIP phone options available:

+ £10 Single VoIP handset

+ £12.50 Dect base, with two VoIP handsets

VoIP +call package +Softphone

Buy the bundle for just £12.99/pm


  • Virtually unlimited anytime UK national & mobile calls
  • Softphone bundle (4) IOS, Android, Windows

Saving £2.50 month

VoIP +call package +Dect phone

Buy the bundle from just £15/pm

+ £15 Single handset
+ £17.50 Dect base, with two handsets

Big title, small print

All prices are monthly and include VAT. Contract periods vary 12-18 months (related to your full fibre broadband package) with no in-contract price rises. UK based technical and customer support. Virtually unlimited call package is 2000 minutes UK national calls and 2000 minutes UK mobile calls. All packages only available with a qualifying broadband package from Air Broadband.

Telephone number transfer £10.

Prices correct at May 2020