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VoIP quick-start guides

Here are two quick start guides for Inclarity Stretto VoIP:


Third-party supported VoIP phones

You can use your own VoIP phone with Air Broadband’s VoIP service, but it must be a phone that will work on the Inclarity/Broadsoft service. If so, we’ll ask for you to register the MAC code of your phone system.

Keep in mind that their functions and operations will not be covered by our support service, as they’ll be classified as third-party products.



We support the following Cisco handsets:

Cisco 6841 MPP; Cisco 7841 MPP; Cisco 8841 MPP; Cisco UK PSU for 78xx and 79xx series handsets; Cisco UK PSU for 88xx, 89xx and 99xx series handsets.



We support the following Gigaset handsets:

Gigaset N510IP base + 1 x A690HX handset bundle; Gigaset N510IP base A690HX handset; Gigaset N510IP base + R650H handsets; Gigaset N510IP base + R650H handset; Gigaset N510IP base + SL750H handsets; Gigaset N510IP base + 1 Maxwell-C handset; Gigaset A690HX “entry level” handset only; Gigaset C430HX “mid-range” handset only; Gigaset R650H “rugged” handset only; Gigaset S650H “professional” handset only; Gigaset SL750H “luxury” handset only; Gigaset Maxwell-C DECT desk handset only; Gigaset N510IP DECT base only; Gigaset N720DM DECT device manager#; Gigaset N720IP DECT wireless base station#; Gigaset UK PSU for N720 bases.



We support the following Poly handsets:

Poly VVX101; Poly VVX150; Poly VVX201; Poly VVX301; Poly VVX311; Poly VVX401; Poly VVX250; Poly VVX350; Poly VVX411; Poly VVX450; Poly VVX50; Poly VVX601; Poly CCX400 Business Media Phone; Poly CCX500 Business Media Phone; Poly CCX500 Business Media Phone without Handset; Poly CCX500 Business Media Phone with Blackwire 3225 headset; Poly CCX600 Business Media Phone; Poly CCX600 Business Media Phone without Handset; Poly CCX600 Business Media Phone with Blackwire 5220 headset; Poly CCX500/600 PSU.

What’s the difference between Gigabit and standard broadband?

Check your postcode

Truly fast broadband shouldn’t come with a painfully slow sign-up. Just pop in your postcode to find out if we’re in your area. All our fingers and toes are crossed for you!