Gigaset installation guides

Here are two guides for the Gigaset VoIP base and handset.

Third-party supported VoIP phones

You can use your own VoIP phone with Air Broadband’s VoIP service. If so, we’ll ask for you to register the MAC code of your phone system.

Keep in mind that their functions and operations will not be covered by our support service, as they’ll be classified as third-party products.


We support the following Gigaset handsets:

A690HX and AS690HX C430H, C430HX, C530H, C530HX, C630H, CL660HX, S850H, S850HX, SL450H, SL450HX.


Sample international call charges per minute


Australia 10p
Austria 20p

Bulgaria 10p

Canada 15p
Czech Rep. 10p

Denmark 15p

Estonia 50p
Egypt 10p

France 10p
Falklands £1.40
Finland 35p

Germany 15p
Greece 10p

Hong Kong 10p
Hungary 10p

Iceland 5p
India 10p
Ireland 10p
Ireland freephone 0p
Italy 20p

Mexico 10p

Netherlands 24p
New Zealand 10p
Norway 15p

Philippines 11p
Poland 11p
Portugal 43p

Romania 10p
Russia 22p

Spain 10p
Sweden 15p
Switzerland 25p
South Africa 15p

Ukraine 20p
USA 15p
USA Freephone 5p