Solving WiFi issues

The biggest trigger for support assistance Air Broadband receive is for WiFi related issues. To the customer, the issue isn’t WiFi, they are issues that they are seeing the effect than poor WiFi can have.

Many of these issues can be solved by using a wired connections. Smart TVs in particular are a major user of WiFi resource.

The older the property the more issues WiFi may experience – this is due how these properties are constructed. The walls tend to be solid and thicker than modern properties.

Property size is a major cause of WiFi service issues. The further a device is from the router the more the signal drops away.

Some simple steps that can be taken to improve the service:

  • Make sure the router is in an open and central location. Shut away in a cupboard or in a basement isn’t ideal
  • The router has 2 bands, 2.4ghz and 5ghz. The 5ghz band will provide a faster speed, but doesn’t carry the distance as the 2.4ghz
  • The 2.4ghz band can suffer from interference from other devices e.g. baby alarms.

Devices in use – speeds and WiFi connection can be affected by the number of devices on the network, as broadband speeds are shared between every device connected to the router.

Speed tests – If you are performing a speed test using WiFi, make sure that no other devices are connected to the WiFi network or router.

Consider the use of range extenders.

TP-Link range extender installation guide

Please find here an installation guide for the TP-Link Range extenders. Plus if you have powerline networking, how to configure for Mesh Wifi.